The Paraiso de Chidenguele lodge

The Indian Ocean meets land at a very special place in Mozambique. This place is Paraiso de Chidenguele, also lovingly known as Chid Beach Resort. Come and experience the magic of the Mozambican coastline at this small coastal paradise.

Chidenguele Village

Chidenguele Village

Chidenguele village is located on the EN1 to Beira, 70 km north of Xai-Xai, where EN1 winds to its closest brush with the Indian Ocean, only 5 km away. The countryside undulates gently - lush and green with pockets of coconut palms towering over cashew nut thickets and freshwater lakes dominating the area.

Here, in a clearing, lies the tiny, sleepy village of Chidenguele - "The Highest Point" - in the local language. The village have only one short street, a sandy soccer field and a crisp, white cathedral with stained-glass windows on the opposite hill.

The rustic African mercado (market) trickles out a supply of whatever fruit and vegetables are available, but always beer and pau - the legendary Mozambican bread.


Paraiso de Chidenguele

A sandy road leads from the town to Chidenguele beach, approximately 5km from the main road. This road takes you Paraiso.

Here the azure waters are home to whales, dolphins and turtles while predatory gamefish prowl colourful reefs below. The pristine beaches are endless and washed in waves and sunlight. A thick fringe of tranquil dune forest stands guard high over thickets of ancient, scarlet-fruited cycads. There is nothing rushed about this place - just tranquil splendour.

Enjoy nature at its best, savour the views, sip a cocktail, tuck into a seafood platter, take a swim, go fishing, go for a walk, relax in or beautiful environment, and share the splendour of Paraiso - our paradise.